Caig Clan Crest
Alan Caig
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Professional Memberships
Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives   ( F Inst L Ex)
Member of the Solicitors Family Law Association
Member of the Law Society Family Panel.
Member of the Law Society Family Mediation Panel


43 years experience of working in the law.  Mainly matrimonial/family (divorce, separation, ancillary relief, domestic violence injunctions, children residence contact, prohibited steps and specific issue),  but including general civil work, wills, change of name deeds etc.  In 2004 I was made an Associate of the firm, which is the highest position a non-solicitor can hold in a solicitors’ practice.

On 21 July 2006 I was elected  President of ILEX, after 40 years in the legal profession and 6 years on Council.  This was an enormous pleasure and privilege. ILEX has come a long way since it was formed in 1963 from the Managing Clerks Association. The Lord Chancellor recently announced that, following the submission of a response by ILEX ( and others) to his consultation on judicial diversity, he is to allow Fellows of ILEX to be eligible to become District Judges (County Courts and Magistrates Courts) and Chairman of Tribunals. This is a huge leap forward for ILEX and one or our more stunning achievements.  I was pleased to chair our Working Party which prepared our response to the Lord Chancellor.    Fellows of ILEX enjoy rights of audience which have been recently increased on a par with solicitors,  can become mediators, they are Commissioners for Oaths, and they are qualified lawyers who form one of the three main branches of the legal profession.  ILEX is to be granted litigation rights so that our members can be self-employed as a lawyer.

The Legal Services Act, in which I had a played a large part during my time on council, allows legal executives to become partners in solicitors practices or invest in legal practices.


Member of the UK College of Family Mediators  (MCFM)
By the end of 2005 I had undertaken over 500 hours of mediation.
Accredited family mediator by the Legal Services Commission and Resolution
I qualified as a Family Mediation Consultant in May 2005.


On 15th October 2000 I was asked by the Chief of Clan Farquharson, Captain Alwyne Compton Farquharson of Invercauld,  to assist in the formation of a Clan Farquharson Society UK and this is now well established.  The first meeting took place in Edinburgh on Saturday 20th January 2001 . At the end of 2003 we had 160 members.  I was elected President of the Clan in August 2001 and I served in this post until August 2003, when Gordon Farquharson of Guildford took on the challenge.  Holding the position of President of a major Scottish clan was a huge pleasure and privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am currently the Vice President.

I was honoured to be asked to carry the Clan Chief’s personal flag ( which is almost 200 years old) in procession at the opening of the Ballater Highland Games in August 2005, and again to lead our Clan Chief, who is the Chieftain of the Games, out of the arena at the close of the Games.


I have 15 kilts!
1. Farquharson modern tartan and which is a traditional kilt.
2. Hillwalker kilt in weathered Farquharson. This is slightly shorter and sits on the hips like trousers, has 3 pockets and has larger pleats. This is a bit light in a wind !
3. 21st Century kilt in plain dark grey.
4. 21st Century kilt in light-green tweed.
5. 21st Century kilt in black (2 of these).
6. Farquharson military kilt. I purchased this one from Lamont Sporrans in Braemar and had it re-made to fit me.  This is about 90 years old and is an unusual and large sett.  Special occasions only !
7.  Hodden Grey. Another military kilt, this time of the London Scottish Regiment. I purchased this from EBay and is yet to be altered to fit.
8.  21st Century kilt in Camouflage. Great for hillwalking and fishing etc. It is poly-viscose, lightweight and dries quickly.
9.  21st Century black imitation leather. Daring !   Great for ceilidhs.
10.  Leather kilt. Even more daring and even better for parties !
11. Traditional kilt in Farquharson modern made by Kinloch Anderson.
12.  An unknown kilt that does not fit me.
13. House of Bruar kilt in Borrowdale brown tweed. This is very smart.
14.  Black Watch regulation weight in traditional 8 yards.
15.  Black Watch regulation weight but 6 yards from 21st Century.

I now wear a kilt full- time, having moved into my flat in Edinburgh in late July 2009.

I served for 13 years with the Sea Cadet Corps, instructing cadets in seamanship, outdoor adventure training and various naval subjects. I was the Commanding Officer of TS Fortitude for 2 years before I retired.  I was awarded the Cadet Forces Medal. Upon that retirement  I joined the Territorial Army, Royal Military Police in 1984 and when I could not obtain a Queens Commission there I transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps ( now the Royal Logistic Corps).  I was granted the Queens Commission on 15th June 1986 and I served in the TA for 10 years.


On 25th September 1999 I was granted a Scottish Coat of Arms by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh.

“Vert, a saltire couped Argent between a cannon Or in chief, two bezants in the flanks and a stag’s head cabossed Or in base . Above the shields is placed an Helm befitting his degree, with a Mantling Vert doubled Argent, and on a Wreath of the liveries is set for Crest an antique mortar proper and in an Escrol over the same this Motto “WITH FORTITUDE”

The Motto contains the word “Fortitude”. This is taken from my Clan Chief’s coat of arms,  the old coat of arms of the Borough of Stockton on Tees and is the name of the Training Ship of the Sea Cadet Corps in which I served for 13 years.

The Crest – antique mortar – was chosen to represent my father’s association with the Royal Artillery and my own service as an officer in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

On the shield, the saltire cross is for Scotland, green for the Caig Society, cannon and two cannon balls for my British Army ( Royal Army Ordnance Corps) connections and my father’s military service with regular and TA units ( Royal Artillery) ,  and the stag’s head from the coat of arms from the family of my mother’s maiden name, Staveley.


I have since my childhood enjoyed hillwalking and camping and often take to the hills at weekends.  I have a mountain bike that gets used less often than I would like. I regularly go to Scottish country dancing events and ceilidhs in Scotland.